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We Focus on YOUR Success

Our Vendor Management services hold your third party vendors accountable and insure your funds are spent wisely.


When you hire vendors to manage your automotive marketing, it’s easy to trust they’ll return the results they promise. While many do, others perform advertising sleight of hand at the expense of your bottom line.


Are your automotive marketing vendors providing tangible results? What’s your ROI? Do you even have time to figure that out? If you’re running a busy, successful car dealership, you probably don’t have any spare time to scan marketing reports and determine what kind of return your ad spend is providing.

What is Automotive Vendor Management?

The automotive marketing experts at AutoAd are happy to offer a solution: Automotive Vendor Management. But what is automotive vendor management? We’re glad you asked. When you partner with AutoAd for automotive vendor management, we’ll work on your behalf to make sure that your vendors are making the most of your advertising dollars. We’ll dissect reports, dive into the numbers, communicate with your vendors, and translate reports into real information rather than marketing jargon.


In the automotive marketing world, most vendors require dealerships to sign contracts. Naturally, these contracts favor the vendors giving them the upper hand and when they’re living up to their end of the deal, it’s a non-issue. Partnering with AutoAd gives you that extra bit of insurance.


We’ve worked with major vendors such as, AutoTrader,  Edmunds,, Elead, Dominion Dealer Solutions, GM, Vin Solutions, Car Gurus, Gubagoo, Dealer Rater, CDK Global, DealerOn, and more. We will work with your vendors to make sure they’re making the most of PPC marketing, social media, banner ads, connected and traditional TV, and radio spots.


How Can it Benefit You?

What kind of benefits can you expect? We’ve worked with dealerships across the country  of various sizes and brands to make an immediate impact by reducing ad spend or redirecting it to more effective channels. Our goal, like yours, is to generate higher quality leads and more customers walking onto your lot and driving off in a new car. Whether you want us to work by your side or handle vendor relations in your place, we’ll make sure your vendors make the most of your advertising dollars. When you let AutoAd take the wheel, you can focus on your forte: selling cars, while we focus on ours: marketing and working with vendors to increase revenue, boost sales and grow your dealership’s bottom line.


Call or text Mark today at 678-232-1131 or through our contact form below and we’ll show you what automotive vendor management is all about and how this service can give you the freedom to put more people into their dream vehicles while we keep our finger on the pulse of your marketing efforts.

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