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Our targeted email campaigns target new prospects and mine your existing database to drive opportunities.


Using the data in your CRM, AutoAd formulates a targeted list of potential buyers for every email. For example, we have the ability to segment customers who currently own trucks, who have more than 100,000 miles on their odometers, and who haven’t purchased a vehicle in the past two years. Then, AutoAd can send those people a truck promotion email, which will be much more likely to convert (and less likely to scare people away) because your promotion is relevant to them.

By combining a contact’s historical purchase and service data with online activity, AutoAd uses in-depth tracking to make your emails successful. If one of your truck customers from a few years ago comes back to your website to look at new trucks, that is the perfect time to talk to them with a relevant email. And we can do just that.

AutoAd can send a personalized email that shows an image of the vehicle your customer owns along with text about their specific lease. Those are details that grab attention and encourage action. The best part? Our in-depth tracking monitors who takes action and what they look at. The recipients who show interest are delivered to sales reps so that they know who is ready to buy, even before they fill out a form.


Our clients rely on us to design, draft, and send exciting messages to the right contacts in their databases. These emails include brand-sponsored offers, store specials, inventory updates, and several other forms of enticing and clickable content. Our team measures the performance of every email and reports the resulting leads to the store.


In addition to sending emails to targeted lists, AutoAd also engineers, builds, and maintains automated email systems. These email workflows (also known as drip campaigns or lead nurturing campaigns) perform a variety of tasks:

  • Introducing new leads to relevant products

  • Asking recent customers for online reviews

  • Encouraging contacts to follow you on social media

  • Promoting your store’s blog or other subscriptions

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