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Search Engine Ads - Dynamic Inventory Campaigns - Retargeting + Geofencing - Gmail Ads

Target your competition, dominate your area, and protect your brand with our Search Campaigns. Using your dealership’s unique selling proposition, we will create an ad campaign that targets real car buyers in your area. Our campaigns put your ad in the prime position and ensure that buyers visit your site first.  


Targeted SEM Campaigns include:

  • Geographic Conquest; Name Protection; Competitor Conquest,

  • Service & Parts Campaigns; Finance campaigns and more.

Negative keywords eliminate bids on irrelevant terms and ensures the most relevant results while ad extensions maximize valuable page real estate by inserting extra lines of text to attract more shoppers. These SEM elements go beyond a search engine’s regular featured ads. In turn, you’ll reap more gains with the same budget.

You get maximized paid search on Google and Bing, negative keyword suppression and monitoring, call tracking, and campaign focus on a range of attributes.


One of our most successful digital campaigns and our current leader in ad budget ROI is dynamic inventory ads. Our dynamic solution focuses on:

  • Stacking more targeted views to specific vehicles in your inventory to help them sell faster

  • Delivering the exact results to match any inventory-specific query

  • Providing quality shopping experiences that build the proper expectations

  • And expanding the reach of your inventory to increase engagement


Our dynamic inventory search helps you dominate search results for every available year, make, and model. Because it stays in sync with your feed, you’ll advertise only what you can sell.

You’ll get custom inventory feed integration, maximized paid search on Google and/or Bing, negative keyword suppression and monitoring, the ability to reach targeted searches, and a campaign focused on a range of attributes, including new and used inventory, aged inventory, price thresholds, and gap inventory that’s not served via other channels.


Retargeting turns digital “be-backs” into return visitors.


Although the vehicle purchase process is different for every shopper, most automotive shoppers visit multiple research sites prior to making a purchase decision. On average, shoppers visit 5.5 sites during online research before making a purchase. AutoAd retargeting retains shoppers interest and drives them back to your virtual showroom. If your salespeople would follow up with anyone who visited your physical showroom, why wouldn’t you do the same for your virtual showroom


Aligned, consistent, and curated.

Retargeting ads include your pricing, deals/specials, and photos – ensuring your ads are consistently aligned and curated with the shopper’s original vehicle interest in mind.


Efficient, timely, and engaging.

AutoAd Retargeting can be activated quickly and effortlessly to bring increased, real-time site engagement and conversion rates.


Expand your reach with Gmail Ads and you’ll multiply your opportunities for engagement. Our expanded display has four main objectives:

  • Maximizing the channels previously unreachable by other traffic sources

  • Delivering a unique sight and sound experience to stimulate engagement

  • Adding reinforcing layers to display that remain in the forefront of the viewer’s awareness

  • Capturing the ever-expanding smartphone audience with mobile-friendly interfacing

  • Gmail ads allow you to reach more shoppers using the web’s #1 email client, and you can take that a step further with Gmail available templates — including offer click-throughs, video offers with click measurement, and HTML to complement your email marketing.

Our digital team will work with you to craft the optimal ad content and set the appropriate budget for Gmail ads to drive the desired ROI and engagement results.

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