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Tell Your Dealership's Story and Drive More Leads

with Our Groundbreaking Infomercial.

AutoAd Infomercials Powered by Digital +Traditional TV

Combine the creative energy and reach of television with the Targeting and Tracking ability of digital.

Mark and Abby, America’s favorite car infomercial personalities, come to your dealership with the AutoAd team to create an infomercial like no other using our people and your people.


-Boost dealership morale.
-Drive unique leads to your BDC, sales staff, and showroom.

-Build your customer database with consumer IP unmasking and tracking to capture physical addresses from all your infomercial website traffic.

-Track your true ROI with prospect to sales funnel tracking that follows a prospect from their first click to showroom appointment.

Your infomercial will not only air on traditional TV and cable but also on OTT, Connected TV, Facebook, Instagram, and your website.  


Each infomercial is specifically built for both the OTT, CTV platforms as well as Instagram and Facebook with QR codes and clickable dynamic inventory to drive prospects directly to your inventory.


You can also play your customized infomercial in your showroom and service department, and email to your past customers.  


In addition, AutoAd will make short-form videos from your 30-minute infomercial to execute in all forms of traditional and digital media as well.  Plus, you’ll get access to retargeting ability and Direct Mail Drops and be able to capture physical addresses with our AutoAd360 IP tracking.  The possibilities are endless! 

AutoAd is the industry's most creative, exciting, and effective automotive infomercial agency. Our veteran team of on air talent, editors, and copywriters come together to create unique, attention grabbing infomercials that make your dealership stand out and drive more leads. Reality TV comes to your dealership with Brand Building, Lead Generating infomercials from AutoAd.


We've produced over 3,000 performance-enhancing automotive infomercials. Result? AutoAd has "juiced up" and driven hundreds of thousands of buyers onto our clients' websites social media platforms, dealership lots and through their switchboards. We customize our shows to fit the personality of your dealership. Whether you want our Classic Show or our Over The Top Show, AutoAd is here to deliver. We've got you covered with the Spanish market as well!

Call or text Mark today to discuss your new or pre-owned infomercial. 678-232-1131

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