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Take Your Messaging to the Right Buyer, at the Right Time on the Right Program


A Car Unseen is a Car Unsold.

Today’s shopper does a third of their car buying research via smartphone, and over 75%* of shoppers are influenced by the presence of video. AutoAd is here to help you find those consumers by tapping into the mobile and streaming video market.

Target the Right Customer:

AutoAd brings the granularity of digital advertising to TV advertising. Easily target households based on:

  • Geolocation (Metros, Cities & Zip Codes)

  • Socio Demo (Age, Gender, Income, etc.)

  • Interests (Finance, Music, Gaming, etc.)

  • Intents (In Market for a house, a car, etc.)

Pick the Channels You Want:

Whether you want to target the most popular streaming channels or local TV channels, AutoAd has you covered with over 500 apps & channels:

  • Nationwide & Local News

  • Movies & TV Shows

  • Live Sports

  • Hispanic & African American

  • & more...

Measure Your Performance:

AutoAd tracks your campaigns down to each vehicle sold and adjusts your buys in real time. Our tracking includes:

  • Web pixel integration

  • Visit, Leads and Purchases tracking

  • Google Analytics Integration

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