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Increase views and leads by targeting your customers in their digital universe.


Our video landing pages are powered by a strategic mix of:

  • Social Media: Facebook Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more (In Feed Video Ads and Dynamic Inventory Ads)

  • Targeted Display via Re-targeting and Geo-Fencing (Local Hot Spots and Competitors)

  • Gmail Inbox Ads

  • Video Pre Roll (15 and 30 Second Skippable Ads. We Only Pay for Views)

  • Sliders on Your Website

  • Navigation Call to Action Button on Your Website so people can also find the page organically.  

  • Television

  • Radio

We push customers to a landing page on your website or custom URL designed around a specific campaign to watch our videos with a compelling call to action for them to fill out the form or call the number.  It’s a great way to capture leads and has been very successful for our clients. 


We also have a squeeze page version of our landing page that is very effective. 

Plus, you can enhance its effectiveness by supporting our video landing pages with a Digital Media buy through AdWords, Display, Re-targeting and Pre Roll.

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